School Girl Surprise

We don’t question anything here.

A man asks if we carry any red skirts you assume it’s for his misses, you point him in the right direction and you carry on.

When that man asks if we have a change room, those assumptions suddenly change.

And when that same man steps out of the change room, with a giant smile on his face, wearing a school girl skirt and says to you, “It fits! How do I look?” There’s only one appropriate response.

“You have great legs.”

I can’t however say the same for his elderly balls or his hank hill ass. No, that man was not wearing any underwear.

He proceeded to pay and walk out of the store…in his new outfit. I was left baffled, that was one surprise I wish I could unsee.

Men please, we don’t care that you have a thing for cross dressing, but we don’t want to see it if it means seeing your balls as well.


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