Some People are Assholes

It doesn’t matter where you work or how nice you are to people, you’re always going to find an asshole in the crowd.

Because of the nature of the store there are no returns. Simple, makes sense, sucks when you get product that breaks in a week. DVDs have the same rule. We’ll exchange them only if they do not work in our DVD player. (it’s old as fuck so if it works you probably just didn’t like it)

One customer was not happy with that.

I played it for him, showed him it worked. That wasn’t good enough. I called the manager and she spoke with him, said she would work something out with him if he would only come back on one of her shifts. That wasn’t good enough.

He broke the DVD in half and threw it at me. That was good enough. He vowed to never return. Good.

Gentleman, this is not the way to get what you want. In fact this will get you the complete opposite of what you want.

We’ll be a lot nicer to you if you’re kind to us.


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